Are You In or Of The World??

We are all in the world but are you of the world? That is the question! Several things that has happened has made me ask myself this very question. Are there better ways to handle different situations that do nit conceive that we are joining in with the world? As innocent as it may seem and yet as minor at the time, what kind of message does our actions leave?

We have all seen them and have even participated in some from time to time myself included. You get an email/inbox message requesting your help to support a cause by forwarding or posting something. Awesome!!! if it is something I believe in, by all means I will support it. I welcome awareness for certain causes but I do not want to compromise my reputation or my beliefs because of it.

The awareness to compromising my reputation occurred to me after one day of posting something for a cause. Maybe this is how it is supposed to work? Friends asking questions about my post and then I had to explain the reason for the post. However after a few of these questions I began feeling uncomfortable about my decision for posting it and deleted the post. I want my reputation to be a reflection of my God. I want to be a doer of His Word not of one who just listens to His Word. When I am posting something that may sound deceiving  just to support a cause then I am not a doer and that is not the reflection I want others to see.

What kind of reactions are you getting from your actions?

In His Love, Crisi

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